Monday, July 25, 2005

"Night of the Comet"

A passing comet turns almost everyone in LA into piles of red dust. Survivors include a pair of cheerleaders who respond to the end of the world by shopping for disco clothes in a disco-free town. But these girls can handle the occasional zombie - another comet-related effect - with automatic weapons and karate moves. Meanwhile a camp of scientists emerge from their low-budget bunker to reveal that the effects of the comet is accelerating and they need to drain the blood of uncontaminated survivors.

The appearance of the comet was a celebration. People were throwing parties or gathering together to witness this spectacular event. As the comet traveled through the skies, it turned everyone who saw the red glow into red dust. Why this happened is not explained in the movie, however, it seems that a group of scientists were aware of the effects the comet would have and hid out in a bunker. As it happened, as much as they tried to protect themselves, the vents were left open and the scientist did get exposed to the comets effects. They were slowly showing symptoms and the only way they could survive was to find survivors of the comet, drain their blood and perform blood transfusions on themselves. Two of these survivors were sisters. One was a cheerleader who was self absorbs in her looks, clothes and boys. The other was a bit older and concerned about boys, sex and preoccupied with video games. Their father was a high ranking military officer, as a result he had exposed the girls to guns, fighting and self defense. Thanks to that exposure, the girls were able to cope with the world they had left and defend themselves against the zombies that were after them.

Our Cast of Characters

Director/Screenwriter- Thom Eberhardt

Other films: Sole Survivor (1982)

  • Survivor of airplane crash cheats death and the Grim Reaper wants to settle he score.

Face Down (1997)

  • A film "noir" about a cop enmeshed in a murder investigation and he wants to find the real killer to clear his name.

He also was a director for comedys, such as "The Night Before" (1987); "Without a Clue" (1988); "Gross Anatomy" (1989); "Captain Ron" (1992).

And was a screen writer on films such as, "Ernest saves Christmas" and "Honey I blew up the Kid".

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  • The light from the comet was an idea from John Wyndham's, "Days of the Triffids"

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Awards and Recognitions

  1. At the Cognac festival du film Policier in 1989 won Special Jury Prize for "Without a Clue"
  2. At the Daytime Emmy Awards in 2001 won Outstanding writing in a Children's Special for "Ratz" ( TV series)
  3. "I was a Teenage Faust" was nominated at Directors Guild of America, USA in 2003 and at Writer Guild of America, USA in 2004, for outstanding directorial achievement in children's programs and children's script.

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Actress playing Regina Belmont- Catherine Mary Stewart

Mostly had roles in daytime programming such as "Days of our Lives" in 1982 when she was a Brady. She also played the role of Naomi in 2002 on the soap "Guiding Light".

Her acting career is not an extensive one with only a few guest appearances on "The Outer Limits" and "Alfred Hitchcock".

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Actress playing Samantha Belmont- Kelli Maroney (now Zoe Kelli Simon)

She is known as the B-movie "Scream Queen". Together with four other actresses she made a couple movies that featured sexy lingerie and lots of skin.

She no longer acts since her marriage to film writer Alex Simon. Who writes martial art action thriller such as "Bloodfist VIII:Trained to Kill".

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